SmartPlan24 brings your whole life at your fingertips, 24/7.

It's a unique personal planner app that combines the functions of the most used apps into one app.

SmartPlan24 is very user friendly and does not use small fonts or buttons, making it suitable for all ages.

Are you tired of switching between apps on your smartphone, constantly scrolling and zooming in on small text ?
Or are you worried about forgetting appointments, things that need to be done, groceries while shopping, usernames or passwords ?

SmartPlan24 is the only app that does it all ; contacts, to do list, calendar, groceries, recipes, documents, passwords, and more ! And it’s super easy to use !

No need to switch apps, scroll or zoom, and everything is linked ; Find it...use it...attach it...share it !

Share your account with your partner, but choose what to share, and what not.

Indispensable in case of emergency ; a personal QR code shows life-saving info to first responders.

Protects your privacy ; save personal data in a secure digital vault

And it works on computers, tablets, smartphones, and synchronizes automatically between all your devices.

Change your life, Smart Plan It Now ! 

Do you often search for a document, note, address, login or password ?
We did too, but no longer ; now we both use SmartPlan24.

Contacts, appointments, tasks, documents, assets, logins, passwords and more are securely stored in one app.

All you need to do is enter what you need, and click on search, to see all results, shown with their icon. Just click on one to open or share it.

Change your life, Smart Plan It Now ! 

Have you ever considered what if you’re in a car accident, or you need urgent medical assistance?

It’s probably not something you like to think about, but if you do, it may even save your life.
Let me explain how ;

SmartPlan24 stores vital info, needed in case of emergency, in a personal QR code.
All you need to do is print it, and stick it on your phone, ID card or driver's license.

First responders can easily scan the QR code for vital medical info and who to contact.

Assign loved ones, or persons of confidence, as trustees.
So that if you’re very sick, need care, or even worse, they gain access in order to help you and make the necessary arrangements.

Change, possibly even save your life.

Change your life, Smart Plan It Now ! 

How secure are your logins, passwords, documents and data in SmartPlan24?
Good question and the answer is simple, very secure!
Let me explain ;

In SmartPlan24 all data is protected with 256 bit encryption, and all data is sent using encryption, with a different key for each user.

So even if hackers would get access to the data of one user, your data would still be safe.

At home, you would keep most documents in a drawer, but private documents in a safe.
In SmartPlan24 it’s no different.

In SmartPlan24 all data is protected behind the access code of your smartphone.
But logins, passwords, sensitive or personal data and documents can be stored in your own digital vault.

Change your life, Smart Plan It Now !